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Cold Storage Warehouse

Turnkey refrigerated warehouses

The modern cold storage warehouses with self-supporting shelves of high height, offer the possibility of storing palletized products providing logistics and distribution without handling problems.

The system of panels used by KAEFER Servicios Industriales allows large stores to be easily extended with self-supporting shelves when space requirements increase.The insulating sandwich panels are fastened directly on the shelving system, meeting the highest functional and static requirements.

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Refrigerated and distribution warehouses

Complete equipment
Turnkey complexes

Refrigerated stores of all sizes and for a range of storage and freezing temperatures are needed.Its installation requires the strictest security and savings requirements.

KAEFER Servicios Industriales assumes in detail the complete diversity in the preparation of the works.The interior insulation, facades, roofs, floors and doors are designed and executed individually depending on the requirements.

The complete equipment of the refrigerated warehouses and the necessary areas for the provision of the refrigeration equipment is also an integral part of the services that the main contractor must provide, as well as the individual equipment of the spaces with shelves and all the rest offacilities that require it.


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