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Production and processing rooms

Preparation of food products romos are subject to particular health requirements in terms of working conditions and hygiene. Kafeer Industrial Services offers a quality superior to the requirements of the normal coating of the main and auxiliary buildings.

We work in all kinds of production and processing rooms, as well as we care about the sectorization of rooms. The general construction and finishing of the manufacturing and processing areas is completed with technical proposals suitable for storage and transport.

Closures and doors insulated for the entry and exit of products have a great influence on the economy of the factories. These elements avoid in a very important way the unnecessary losses of energy in the processing rooms as well as ensure a significant reduction in pollution.

Salas de producción y elaboración
sala de producción y elaboración

We are here to serve our customers in almost the entire industry, including:

Warehouses for meat and fish
 Warehouses for fruit and vegetables, as well as processing rooms
 Dairies, dairies
 Beverage industry, beer factories
 Pharmaceutical industry